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Creative Engineering- A Toolkit for New and Innovative Product Introduction I-PRO

  • 28 Jan 2022
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  • 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM


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Brief About Webinar

Industries are propelled to develop new and innovative products at faster rate to gain competitive advantage in the market. It is quite evident that the solution and products being developed in Industry 4.0 environment are more complex and highly multidisciplinary. This requires latest development in modern engineering disciplines. The first being TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving). Thus we bring you “Creative Engineering -IPRO” course are state of art, research based and unique. The course promises to empower engineers with structured methodology and smart tools for delivering innovative and market winning products. This initiative embarks journey to contribute in introducing world class products and solutions to make this world better for our present and future times.

Key Takeaway

Introduction to TRIZ What is I-PRO program Acquiring new skills like creative thinking, systems thinking, research, innovation and analytical rigor Systematic way to approach Industrial development

About Author

Technology professional with 17 years of experience and rewarding journey in automotive industry. They are an Alumni of IIT Bombay with M.Tech in Aerospace propulsion. They acquired in depth skills and specialization in the areas of Innovation , Technology Planning in Energy solutions, IP creation , Advanced product development, Design for Six Sigma and system integration. Inventor for two patent applications and published two papers in international conferences. Worked as innovation lead and Trained almost 500+ engineers to get recognized as coach for systematic innovation and advanced problem solving. Currently working with Cummins Technologies India Pvt Ltd. as technical project leader leading development of new diesel engine system for meeting advanced emission norms for power generation market. He also graduated as Post Graduate Diploma in Management from SP Jain institute Mumbai and acquired TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem solving) Level 3 expertise to strengthen his acumen for innovation and technology management.

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