Technovuus ARAI

ExpertConnect is a networking tool that connects the participants with the relevant expertise in just one click. This platform has been designed to provide insights and actionable knowledge to all the teams from the most prominent subject-matter-experts, boosting the industry-researcher collaboration.

Anyone can search for a topic of interest using simple non-technical language, and find the most relevant researcher(s)/experts to connect with. The platform provides an architecture to connect with both academic expertise and industry veterans, presenting users with a list of relevant experts that are most suitable to understand and guide their business context/ challenge.

 We envision this platform to evolve into a holistic community that will induce a culture of mutual learning, where people can discuss tech-related topics, work on projects, find like-minded individuals, get answers, solve problems, and share knowledge. Another benefit of this platform is to assist the professionals/researchers to enhance their network and connect in their domains.

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