Technovuus ARAI

Many of the most innovative solutions in Mobility are not indigenously developed. On the other hand, many talented innovators lack the exposure and tools to bring forward their solutions to the industry to adopt. A platform that can connect all the relevant stakeholders and solution providers from across the nation to drive indigenous technology development is needed to bridge this gulf. With the TechNovuus’s- Collaborative Technology Solution Platform, the most pertinent technological challenges can be brought under the spotlight to be taken up by collaborations of innovators, universities, academia, MSMEs, start-ups, and Research Institutes, to innovate on and create a better tomorrow.

Along with posting challenges and problem statements on the platform, CTS also coalesces relevant opportunities from multiple sources, bringing them on a central location and creating a database for potential problem solvers to sift through. The portal will sort challenges into domain buckets and allow stakeholders to get their challenges or solutions to the right audience.

Solve Challenges/Problem Statements as a RESOLVER

At TechNovuus, you have the opportunity to take on and solve a plethora of challenges. These challenges come from industries and organizations looking to become faster, more productive, more innovative, or address some pertaining issue.

As a resolver, your role is to innovative develop productive solutions!

Individual innovators, Researchers, Start-ups and Institutes who strive to solve a challenge get a unique platform to showcase their capabilities with an added advantage of collaboration to build their own team with required skills and expertise.

Resolvers will have the opportunity to collaborate with a multitude of other like-minded resolvers across skill sets, to synergize their expertise and develop solutions.

TechNovuus’s job is to provide the platform and assist you throughout the process so that your submissions are evaluated and rated based on merits and get rewarded accordingly.

  • Solve the real pressing problem statements faced by the industry
  • Gain an experience like never before
  • Work with your own team of innovators and like-minded technocrats
  • Win rewards while building your skills
  • Get connected to Industry Leaders, Change makers
  • Get noticed by potential clients
  • Refine your technology

Host a Problem Statement as a Challenger

Technovuus allows you to ideate, innovate, and incubate through the best innovators across the nation to help accelerate your business objectives.

We provide the right stage to interface your organization with the brightest minds in India to collaborate with and develop solutions to your R&D challenges. From a concept to an engineered solution, hosting a challenge on Technovuus allows you to partner with breakthrough innovations and technology across multiple domains in one platform

  • It’s easy to set up for any organization
  • Save time by tracking & managing entries online
  • Mobile friendly, customized pages and tech support to help
  • Connect with a pool of researchers in India
  • Customize challenges at ease.
  • Technovuus platform allows you to create an online cross-functional team required to solve multi-disciplinary challenges.
  • Interact with teams to review the progress of challenges.
  • Mentor and steer teams for solving the challenges in the right way.


A. Resolver:

  • Login/Register as a “Resolver” on the portal
  • Identify relevant Challenges from the pool of Active Challenges posted on the Challenges page and select the same
  • Complete all the registration details if any remaining
  • Once the application is accepted, create a Team or Request to join an existing (depending upon the vacancy) through our Build Your Team page
  • Once the team is finalized, connect with the challenger
  • Begin your journey of Innovation and get rewarded!

B. Challenger:

  • Login/Register as a “Challenger/Client”
  • Post a Challenge on the page based on
    • Category
    • Private/Public
    • Sponsored/Not Sponsored
  • Get verified by the admin
  • Challenge posted on the challenge page
  • Review the applicants of “Resolver” who have applied to solve the challenge/problem statement
  • Finalize the applicants suited for the challenge and find the innovative solutions
  • Rate the teams as per the performance

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