Technovuus ARAI

The “Build Your Team” functionality enables users to comb through the available teams, individuals, organisations and more whom are willing to or are already working together on a specific challenge and identify likeminded individuals or those with complimentary skillsets.

It thus enables one to team up and collaboratively solve the problem statements posted on the portal. This unique opportunity allows the inquisition of talent irrespective of geographical boundaries, domain expertise and skillset availability to solve the challenges in a way never seen before paving a path for the creation of cross functional teams and unparalleled innovations.

In addition to this, one can with the Expert Connect feature, request guidance from a relevant subject expert to aid as a mentor while availing the resources available in the Resources Centre, thus enhancing your team’s capabilities and competence in order to deliver best in class solutions!


  • Collaborate with the resolvers as per requirement
  • Communicate/Chat with the members for better understanding
  • Recruit/Apply as per the positions available
  • Cross Industry/Institute collaboration for diverse yet competent team

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