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International Conference on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology

  • Posted: 05-01-2022

Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI),SAEINDIA Western Section & ARAI Academy is announcing an International Conference on Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology for Mobility and Power Generation Applications scheduledfrom 17th to 19th January 2022 which is online in nature. This conference is integrated with 10 keynote sessions, 5 Technical presentations and panel discussions by industry leaders and domain experts from different courtiers across the globe.

Background & Objectives of this Conference:

Hydrogen Fuel cell takes a leap from other alternative technologies because of simpler design, high efficiencies, fuel flexibility, versatile applications and frictionless & noise free operation. Apart from many benefits, commercialization of Fuel Cell is still a great challenge because of high cost and limitation in hydrogen on-board generation & storage. But, it is high time to accelerate research and start commercializing Fuel Cell Vehicles. Fuel cells are multidisciplinary systems and inherently multi-scale in space and time. The main aim of this International  Conference is to deliberate on smooth transition for electric vehicles to fuel cell electric vehicles in its most promising vehicle segments  viz, Heavy and Light Commercial Vehicles, intercity bus applications as a first option. There is a potential to use fuel cell technology as a range extender in case of electric 3 Wheelers and last mile delivery applications to get benefit of reduction in charging time and less dependency on charging infrastructure.  Fuel flexibility can be pitched in by use of Solid Oxide Base Fuel Cell Technology in case of range extender applications.

In order to increase penetration of electric vehicles, fuel cell technology offers distinct advantages viz, range extension, potential for reduction in size and cost of battery, enhancement in life of battery due to less aggressive charging and discharging pattern and zero emissions if hydrogen is produced from renewables.

Apart from PEM fuel cells, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) is equally pulling attraction for its usage in the mobility sector apart from its large presence in power generation technology. SOFC allows the use of existing fuels and the present supply chain system. Use of Bio CNG and ethanol makes SOFC more attractive from a green mobility point of view.

Technology development in the area of hydrogen generation of hydrogen, distribution and on board storage has to go hand in hand with fuel cell technology in order to have a strong supply chain and ecosystem to make hydrogen economy a viable option.

The first flier for this conference with a detailed schedule is attached herewith for your reference.

We look forward to the nomination of personnel from your esteemed organization in this programme. Registration form is appended below in the message. You are requested to send nominations for this programme at the earliest on following registration link:

 If you are unable to open the registration link, kindly send your details in the following format to process your registration.

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