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Mobility Ideathon

  • Posted: 23-02-2024

The Mobility Ideathon is an exciting event that challenges students from engineering backgrounds to submit innovative ideas for a variety of problem statements related to mobility. This event is a great opportunity for students to showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills, while also gaining valuable experience in the field of mobility.
Participants will have the chance to submit their ideas for a range of problem statements, which could include topics such as sustainable transportation, autonomous vehicles, and smart mobility solutions. The top three ideas will be awarded prizes, and selected few will have the chance to secure an internship at ARAI, a leading research and development organization in the field of mobility.
The theme of the Mobility Ideathon is to generate innovative ideas and solutions related to mobility challenges. Participants are encouraged to propose creative approaches to address issues such as traffic congestion, sustainable transportation, autonomous vehicles, and smart mobility solutions. The ideathon aims to inspire participants to think outside the box and develop tangible and intangible mobility experiences that can make a positive impact on the future of mobility.
Problem Statements
1. Smart traffic management to reduce congestion on the roads
2. Predictive maintenance system for electric vehicles that alerts the driver of potential issues before they occur.
3. Smart application to monitor the health of roads and trigger the reports for maintenance
4. Innovative solution to improve pedestrian safety in densely populated urban areas, addressing issues like crosswalk safety, pedestrian-vehicle interactions, and real-time alerts for pedestrians/vehicle driver.
5. Re-imagining the 3 wheeler for today's needs and requirements
6. A Containment unit / Battery Storage Unit that can handle thermal runaway events, venting and explosive detonation of lithium cells during storage/testing.

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Registration Process
1. Register on Technovuus' platform by visiting the official website (
2. Navigate to News section and select Mobiltiy Ideathon. 
3. Click on the Google Form link to fill in all your details 
4. Enter your personal information, including full name, email address, phone number, institution, Problem statement, etc.
5. Agree to the terms and conditions outlined by the organizers.
6. Download the template.
7. Review the list of problem statements given. Choose any one problems you would like to tackle and begin developing your idea.
8. Complete your submission by filling the problem statement number, description and your idea.
9. Submit your idea(s) within the specified deadline. Late entries will not be considered.
Please note that participation in the Mobility Ideathon is open only to students currently enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate programs in engineering disciplines. All registrations must be completed individually; group applications are not accepted. If any discrepancies arise regarding eligibility, the organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify applicants accordingly. Only one idea can be submitted in one form. Applicant cannot give multiple ideas in one application. 
Important Dates
26nd Feburary 2024 : Application open forIdea submission
15th March 2024 : Last date of submission.
18th March 2024 : Result declaration. Online idea evaluation by commette where top 3 ideas will be shortlisted.
22th March 2024 : on or before 20th shortlisted students will have a online interview for thier idea evaluation and selected few will get internship opportunity at ARAI. 
Please note all communication is done via mail and the results will be declared on Technovuus and SAEINDIA western section web portal. 
Prizes Money
The prizes for Idea for each problem statement will be as follow:
First Prize
Rs. 15,000/-
Second Prize
Rs. 10,000/-
Third Prize
Rs. 5,000/-

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Terms and Conditions for the Mobility Ideathon:
  1. Participants must be currently enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate programs in engineering disciplines.
  2. Each participant must register individually on Technovuus' platform and submit their idea through the provided Google Form link.
  3. Ideas submitted must be original, unique, and genuine creations of the participants. Plagiarism or copying ideas from the internet or other sources is strictly prohibited.
  4. Participants are required to adhere to ethical standards and avoid infringing on intellectual property rights when developing their ideas.
  5. Submissions should address one or more of the provided problem statements related to mobility challenges.
  6. Each participant can submit only one idea per problem statement.
  7. Ideas should be feasible, innovative, and demonstrate a clear understanding of the problem statement being addressed.
  8. The decision of the judging panel will be final and binding.
  9. Selected participants for prizes and internships at ARAI will be based on the originality, feasibility, creativity, and relevance of their ideas.
  10. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant found violating the rules or engaging in unethical practices.
Emphasis: Participants are reminded that all ideas submitted for the Mobility Ideathon must be original, genuine creations developed by themselves. It is crucial to avoid plagiarism and ensure that ideas are not copied from the internet or any other external sources. Creativity, authenticity, and innovation are key factors in this event, so participants are encouraged to showcase their unique perspectives and problem-solving skills through their submissions.
Contact Details
For any queries kindly send mail to & 

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