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SIAT 2024 Presents Student Poster Presentation Competition

  • Posted: 20-10-2023

SIAT 2024 - SPPC

Symposium on International Automotive Technology (SIAT), widely acclaimed by global automotive fraternity, is a benchmark biennial international event, organized by ARAI, that serves as a forum for exchange of ideas & brainstorming for the automotive industry, with participation of eminent worldwide experts in various automobile arenas. I am delighted to announce that 18th edition of SIAT (SIAT 2024) with its central theme as “Transformation Towards Progressive Mobility” is being organised from 23rd to 25th January 2024 in association with SAEINDIA and SAE International (USA).

Young fresh engineers and students are important stakeholders who hold promise for future of the automotive industry. ARAI believes in encouraging and giving them abundant opportunities to interact with practicing professionals through various initiatives like training, networking, competitions, paper and poster presentations, etc. The Student Poster Presentation Competition of SIAT gives students such an opportunity, and offers a platform to showcase their work on various automotive technology topics to practicing professionals who participate in SIAT in various capacities. This competition also gives a unique opportunity to them to acquaint with the automotive technology trends and advances.

We have a great pleasure in bringing out this announcement of Student Poster Presentation Competition of SIAT 2024, inviting bona fide engineering students of UG programs ( final year appearing only), PG programs and research scholars currently pursuing Ph.D. levels from all over India to participate.



Based on the theme of SIAT 2024, posters are invited from students on topics from below mentioned 3 categories.

Safe Mobility

Active safety - lighting, signalling, brakes, steering, tyre, wheels etc., Passive safety – vehicle crash, pedestrian safety, seating, airbags, belts etc., Vehicle Dynamics;

Structural reliability etc.

Sustainable Mobility

Advanced Powertrain, Alternative Fuels, Fuel cell, Hydrogen Engines, Hybrid & E- mobility, End of Life & Recycling, Emission Control, BS-VI & beyond, Public transport,

Water ways etc.



Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Autonomous Vehicles (AV), Intelligent &

Integrated Transportation Systems (ITS), Connected vehicles, Shared mobility, Internet of Things (IoT)












The posters shall cover on or more of the following aspects- R&D, Innovation & Technology Development, Product Design & Development, Harmonization & Standardization, Materials & Manufacturing, Simulation & Modeling, Testing & Evaluation, Automotive Electrical and Electronics, NVH (Noise Vibration & Harshness), Automotive Software and Data Science Application etc. related to any one of the above 3 categories. Link to download template:


Important Dates

Receipt of draft posters from students

08th Jan 2024

Qualifying round and result announcement

10th Jan2024

Receipt of Final poster from qualified students

15th Jan 2024



Bonafide engineering students of UG programs ( final year appearing only) & PG programs including research scholars currently pursuing  Ph.D from all over India will be eligible to participate in the competition. Maximum two students can contribute for a poster


Registration Process

Read this announcement carefully.

-Visit the ARAI TechNovuus website :

-Click Register : . You have to register as a student.

-Complete the registration form using the link:


SPPC Guidelines

•Initial screening of the draft posters will be done by a panel of judges which will comprise of experts from ARAI.

•5 posters from each category, total 15, will be selected for final round. These selected students will be invited during SIAT 2024 to display and present their posters to SIAT 2024 delegates and other participants at a prominent location in SIAT Expo area

•The judges (minimum of three for each category) will evaluate the displayed posters and presentations by students on the basis of pre-defined evaluation criteria. The Judges panel will finalise evaluation criteria.

•The students selected for final round at ARAI will be provided with following amenities. This will be applicable only to students who are actually participating at ARAI during SIAT 2024.


•The students selected for final round at ARAI will be provided with following amenities. This will be applicable only to students who are actually participating at ARAI during SIAT 2024.

  • Reimbursement of actual railway ticket fare of 2nd class sleeper for onward & return journey, limited to a maximum of Rs. 5000/-.
  • Coupons for Luncheons, Morning & Evening Hi-tea.
  • Delegate kit (limited to main author).
  • Support for accommodation for 3 nights & 3 days limited to a maximum of Rs. 3000/- for a pair of students.
  • Regular transportation for all the three SIAT 2024 days as per the standard routes.
  • Mementos, same as those given to presenting authors of SIAT 2024

•All 15 numbers of posters selected for the final round will be printed by ARAI for display. They will also be included in SIAT 2024 proceedings.


SPPC – SIAT 2024 Prizes

The prizes for the poster presentation for each category will be as follow:

First Prize

Rs. 25,000/-

+ Certificate of Rank

Second Prize

Rs. 15,000/-

+ Certificate of Rank

Third Prize

Rs. 10,000/-

+ Certificate of Rank






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